Isolgomma Roll

Isolgomma Roll

High-quality acoustic insulation with a thickness of 5, 7 or 10 mm. Can be applied quickly, easily and precisely. Resistant to humidity. Supplied on rolls of 1,04 x 5 meter.

Isolgomma Roll is a range of products for acoustic insulation of floors, which has been present in the construction industry for 30 years. The use of special recycled SBR rubber gives the products a good load-bearing capacity and elasticity, making it excellent for impact sound insulation for all types of floors. Isolgomma Roll Line has excellent acoustic properties and is easy to install.

The sturdy and flexible mat adapts perfectly to the surface, and thanks to the self-adhesive longitudinal seam, it is easy and quick to install. Isolgomma Roll is part of a family of rubber products manufactured with environmentally friendly technology and production processes, using more than 92% recycled material.

Roll Radiant

Isolgomma Roll Line Radiant is an insulation material based on the innovative Isolgomma Roll acoustic insulation. But now with the addition of a thermal insulating and vapour barrier layer. This insulation material with a thickness from 5 to 10 mm has a reflective backing of poly aluminum foil.

Floor heating in the best possible light

The special layer of poly-aluminium foil is directed upwards. A large part of the heat from underfloor heating is therefore not lost in the construction. Instead, it is reflected by the screed into the home or office. The same layer is also highly vapour retardant; µ value = 125,000. This prevents moisture from rising in the floor.


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