SIREX® PE Pool cover 611

SIREX® PE Pool cover 611

SIREX PE Swimming pool cover type 611 for efficient en durable covering of indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

For the effective and efficient control of swimming pools (indoor as well as outdoor) a good SIREX PE Swimming pool cover is indispensable. This cover does not only provide a substantial energy saving, due to the closed-cell PE foam, but also has an excellent water vapour impermeability. Therefore the use of chemicals like chlorine, as well as its smell and vapour, will be strongly reduced.

SIREX PE Swimming pool covers also provide an excellent thermal insulation and give a good protection against substances such as fallen leaves and litter.

The structure is a core of closed-cell, physically cross-linked PE-foam.
Provided on one side with a dampproof PE-film with pyramid embossment. Provided on the top with a top foil consisting of PE coated fabric.

Colour : blue (PE-foam/top foil)
Version top foil : UV-resistant coated fabric carrier
Weight class top foil : approx. 220 g/m2
Thickness : approx. 6 mm
Roll width : approx. 150 cm
Roll length : 100 lm


SIREX® Welding tape blue type 1 – 70 mm wide

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