Acoustic wall insulation

Acoustic wall insulation is becoming more important in our modern society, where noise pollution is a common problem. Whether it is a busy street, a noisy neighbour or a noisy workplace, noise pollution can cause a lot of stress and irritation. Fortunately, acoustic wall insulation offers a solution.

By using special materials, the insulation value of walls can be greatly improved, greatly reducing noises from outside (or adjacent rooms). This creates a quiet and pleasant environment in which you can better concentrate, relax or communicate. At ISMT, we would be happy to tell you more about the latest developments in acoustic wall insulation. From new materials and techniques to practical tips and advice: with us, you will find everything you need to know about this important and fascinating technology.

Applications of acoustic wall and ceiling insulation

Acoustic wall and ceiling insulation offer an effective solution for reducing disturbing airborne sounds such as speech and music. It can be applied in both new construction and existing situations. It is especially popular in homes, in doctors’ practices, sound studios, hotels, offices and other residential and commercial buildings. One of the biggest advantages of these products is that they are compact and can already be effective with minimal thickness. For example, when someone has limited space in an existing wall and is picking up annoying noise from neighbours, an acoustic panel can be glued or screwed to one side to remove much of the airborne noise. Hotels can also use acoustic wall insulation or acoustic insulation for the ceiling to provide a more comfortable stay for their guests.
Acoustic insulation wall

Acoustic insulation wall

Acoustic wall insulation is crucial for improving the quality of sound in a room and preventing sound from penetrating from one room to another. Isolgomma’s products are well suited as acoustic insulation for an interior wall. There are several ways to do this:

Rewall: The acoustic insulation material, Isolgomma Rewall, is installed against the existing wall. This is very suitable for applications on existing walls where acoustic restoration and/or upgrading is required. It has been specially developed for partition walls and dividing walls in homes.

Trywall: The Isolgomma Trywall is often used in metal stud walls in new construction or renovation projects where a new wall is placed between two rooms. It consists of a double mass spring system with a rubber core plate placed between two plasterboards. The rubber core plate provides an insulating effect on the airborne sound passing through the wall, reducing the noise level in the rooms.

Stywall: Isolgomma Stylwall helps to decouple the impact sounds that can occur under or around a wall. Think of contact sounds such as bumping into the wall with a vacuum cleaner, for example. This material increases the sound insulation of walls by reducing airborne noise and vibrations. The strips/rolls are applied under walls, providing perfect decoupling.

Acoustic insulation ceiling

Acoustic insulation of the ceiling is essential to improve the sound quality in a room and to prevent sound from penetrating from one storey to another. The previously mentioned wall insulation products are also ideally suited for ceiling application. To achieve even better results, the advice is to fix the ceiling cantilevered with, for example, acoustic hangers, meaning that if the ceiling is vibrated by music, for example, the hangers will ensure that the ceiling cannot vibrate. This avoids vibration noise and prevents airborne sound from turning into impact sound.


Isolgomma’s acoustic insulation material provides effective solutions for sound insulation in various spaces, such as meeting rooms in offices. Unwanted sound can be transmitted from one room to another through walls and ceilings, Isolgomma’s products offer the right solutions to reduce both horizontal and vertical sound transmission. With solutions such as Rewall, Trywall and Stywall, insulation can be applied in different ways depending on the situation. The products are made from recycled materials, such as rubber and crushed PET bottles. This not only ensures effective insulation, but also a sustainable and environmentally friendly application.


  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Thermal and acoustic noise insulation
  • Long-term stability
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Easy to install

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