SIREX insulating pool cover saves you energy

Is your swimming pool causing high energy costs? Then it’s time to purchase SIREX PE pool cover. SIREX PE pool cover is the solution for saving on energy costs in public and private swimming pools. Both indoors and outdoors.

The pool cover has an insulating effect and ensures that the water stays at the right temperature. This means lower heating costs: a great advantage for public swimming pools that have to deal with very high energy costs and are therefore in danger of closing down.

Lower energy costs through tailor-made insulation
The pool cover is custom-made. This way, the cover corresponds exactly to the size of the pool, not leaving a piece uncovered, but also not covering too much unnecessarily. As a result, the PE foam pool cover insulates at its best. This insulation ensures the lowest possible energy costs. Very handy with today’s energy costs.

Foam cover keeps your pool clean
Covering your pool with a PE foam cover keeps the pool cleaner. Litter, leaves and other dirt will not get into the pool. SIREX pool insulation also reduces the evaporation of the water. And thus also the evaporation of chemicals such as chlorine, which are necessary to keep the water clean. The SIREX pool cover ensures that fewer chemicals need to be used. So the pool cover also contributes to the environment!

The result of using SIREX PE swimming pool cover:

  • Energy saving
  • A clean pool
  • Less evaporation of water and chemicals
  • Good for people and the environment!




Other applications are:

  • Construction covers
  • Agri covers
  • Fish covers
  • Fall protection
  • Protection of drinking water basins
  • And much more!

Our insulation covers


SIREX PE pool cover 6410

SIREX PE pool cover 6710

SIREX PE pool cover 654

SIREX PE pool cover 611

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