Sound absorption

Machines and engines can cause a lot of (noise) disturbance due to the airborne noise they generate. A sound absorbing enclosure absorbs airborne noise. This can be a good solution in many situations. Think, for example, of an engine in a ship, airborne noise in meeting rooms or corridors, but also for ceilings. The absorbent material ensures that disturbing sound waves are a thing of the past. We have various absorption materials that can be used in an enclosure.


This high-quality acoustic absorber consists of an open-cell polyurethane with a smooth repellent coating. SIREX® ASD eliminates sound reflections and provides quietness in a fully or partially enclosed space, such as a machine room. This absorption material is excellent for use in the automotive industry, aviation, bus construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding or in electrical appliances. SIREX® ASD is suitable for areas with the presence of splashing liquids and/or a lot of airborne dust.


SIREX® Nop is an acoustic absorbent material with a surface-enhancing bubble structure. This is composed of an open-celled polyurethane foam. Sound waves are absorbed by the material. The sound absorption of acoustic materials increases with increasing material thickness. Especially for low tones. This absorption insulation is excellent for rooms in which sound at higher frequencies (above 1000 Hz) needs to be absorbed, such as a sound studio, cabin or printer hoods. No splashing water or oil should be present. If this is present, we recommend using SIREX® ASD.

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