Anti-vibration protection sheets

Machines used in heavier industries produce vibrations. These vibrations can compromise the structure of the building, cause annoying drumming noise, but can also cause the parts inside the machine itself to wear out faster. This has risks not only for the building itself, but also for the safety of the employees involved. One solution to this is anti vibration material. Our anti vibration mats capture the vibration from the machine, keep the machine running stably and also protect it from wear and tear. This prevents not only immediate damage, but also damage and expensive maintenance in the longer term.

Great added value

The anti-vibration has added value not only in heavy industries, but can also be used in various fields such as an air-conditioning unit, vibrations from HVAC, railway lines or a heat pump. The vibration isolation can be used in strips or plates when decoupling floors and foundations of buildings, machinery, roads, bridges and railway lines. In addition, the decoupling can be used as an overlay in housing construction, for a concrete structure but also, for example, as a loading dock at a supermarket. Trucks driving over the floor laid with Isolgomma megamat no longer emit vibrations. Useful when the supermarket is located in a residential area.

ISMT project support makes it silence in every project

At ISMT, we have extensive experience in anti vibration solutions in buildings. We can guide you through any project and give you reliability at every stage. For each project, we make calculations that we present in a report. This report includes the values according to the Dutch Building Decree and contains an overview of the required materials. We test the pressure load in advance and measure the long-term performance. In addition, we provide optimal guidance and go for the best possible result. We support you with advice and guidance at every stage of the process. Contact us without obligation.

Benefits of Isolgomma Megamat

  • High long-term performance
  • Consists of 90% recycled raw materials
  • Comprehensive acoustic performance report available upfront
  • Self-draining and frost-resistant product
  • Resistant to oils and also to moderately aggressive acids
  • Long-term performance and reliability

Our anti-vibration


Isolgomma Megamat

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