Isolgomma Grei


High-quality impact sound insulation performance with a thickness of 7 mm. Can be applied quickly, easily and precisely. Resistant to humidity. Supplied on rolls of 1,04 x 5 meter.

Grei is designed for the acoustic insulation of high-quality floating screeds. The use of a special recycled EPDM-rubber combined with a specific patented production process guarantees superior mechanical and acoustic properties, making Grei ideal for reducing impact sound insulation for each type of screed. The extremely resistant yet flexible mat adapts perfectly to the underlaying surface and thanks to the self-adhesive overlapping seam the product can be applied quickly, easily and precisely.


Acoustic insulation of floating screeds Good performance also under extreme high pressure load Suitable for appartments, utility building and supermarkets

Isolgomma Grei contributes to the point system according to LEED within the coding of Materials & Resources 1.1-1.2-2-3-4-5.


Isolgomma Profyle Flat 5/15


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