Acoustic floor insulation

Our specialty is controlling contact noise and vibrations in buildings, in this we offer unique project support.

Our customers have the assurance that the predetermined acoustic performance will be achieved, so that the end user will experience optimal acoustic comfort. The space is perceived as quieter and calmer.

Acoustic floor insulation is used to prevent walking noises and other contact noises.

Impact sound insulation is the solution for indoor noise nuisance. Such sound insulation is highly desirable, especially in inner-city areas or apartments above a supermarket or other retail store. When renovating or refurbishing a building, the impact noise and the desired noise level are often taken into account.

Contact noises are caused by the vibrations of certain parts of a building, for example people walking, chairs sliding or doors opening and closing. Contact noise can spread throughout the building, especially when the screeds and floor structures are interconnected. ISMT’s sound insulation under the floating screed or the finished floor prevents contact noises.

Our acoustic floor insulation


Isolgomma Point

Isolgomma Highmat

Isolgomma Upgrei

Isolgomma Grei

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Isolgomma Syl AD

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