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Finding the right acoustic solution in a project is often a complex matter. Also for architects and acoustic engineers. Therefore, an acoustic performance report before the start of a project can be of added value.

Determining the correct acoustic insulation in buildings is a complex process. Especially for these issues, ISMT supplies an Acoustic Performance Report for projects free of charge. This unique service ensures that architects, acoustics engineers, contractors and screed companies make the right choices regarding floor acoustics. Optimizing acoustic comfort is always the common goal.

This report takes into account, among others, the following variables:


Structure and carrying capacity of the construction and carrying capacity of the construction.


Presence of underfloor heating


Strength / height of the floor / wall / ceiling.


Floor covering type: parquet, laminate flooring, LVT / PVC, tiles, etc.


Weight of the (finished) screed.


Pressure load (short and long term).


Desired noise level; building regulations or additional requirements / wishes.


Control from raw material to finished product. 

The raw materials for our products consist of at least 90% recycled materials. Our environmental policy is not only focused on the product but covers the entire production process by means of a detailed LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). Naturally, the products are CE certified.

The specialist in acoustics.

Our specialty is controlling contact noise and vibrations in buildings. Here we offer a total solution and project support, so that you as a customer have certainty about the acoustic performance that is indicated in advance in a report. End users experience optimal acoustic comfort; more silence and peace in spaces.



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